Testosterone Replacement Program for Men

What issues bring men to our practice when they require testosterone replacement?

The most common complaint is usually our patients are complaining about their increased libido but the partner is not quite able to keep up. So once we have the male partners in our office, they usually complain about fatigue, muscle loss and some sexual issues. Men tend not to reveal what is really happening in the bedroom, but we all know that low T can and should be addressed.

What are the required lab work to establish the needs of the patient?

We always insist on baseline lab work to make sure that the amount of Testosterone replacement is adequate and not overly done. Our goal is to replace not create an overdosing situation. We check the PSA which is a prostate cancer marker and a complete blood count to make sure polycythemia does not complicate the therapy. She encourages taking an anti-estrogen to avoid gynecomastia. Testosterone is covered in the body to estrogens which can cause that condition. It is when the male breast enlarges. We also ensure that patients do not add visceral fat.

What is the place for creams and gels?

Some patients do fine on creams or gels however in the hot climates, the absorption rate is lowered due to a layer of sweat. We tailor the dosing to fit each patient and modify the dosages based on labs and symptom relief.

How often does a patient see the doctor?

It is required that due to the classification of Testosterone, visits and dosing monitoring are made every three months. Interval labs are helpful in following levels and ensuring maximum results.

How long can a patient be on testosterone replacement therapy?

There has been no study to suggest that with a properly monitored patient, there is a time restriction on therapy continuation.

From starting the therapy, when does the patient begin to feel the results?

In our experience, the feeling of wellness, energy, sleep quality and some relief in the bedroom takes effect within weeks. The maximal result seems to be around 3-6 months. Dosing modifications may be necessary to obtain optimal results.

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