Weight Loss FAQ's

What is the reason I should participate in the Hormone-Health Weight Loss Program?

Due to various reasons, over time we store fat in the visceral regions of our body That is not the same fat that occurs in breasts, thighs, hips and over our entire body. Focusing on visceral fat for a moment, that is the fat that directly correlates with heart disease, bowel issues, hypertension and other morbidities associated with excessive weight.

What is the most important indicator that I am doing great on the program, my weight or my waist measurement?

Even though we measure weight, it is a relatively poor indicator of how you are doing. The largest circumference is the best indicator. We recommend all of our patients keep a pair of pants that are too tight to put on each week. Stop weighing yourself as that fluctuates with unpredictability.

How does the program work?

After extensive research, the program is based on shutting down the hunger center by various methods that take away the cravings to eat. Once the insulin levels stabilize and the blood sugar follows suit, you stop cravings for foods that elevate blood sugar, and start eating foods with high polyphenols.

What is the role of dairy, wheat and other foods that were recently introduced into our diet?

Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens have been around a very long time. They lived in tribal communities that did not rely on agriculture. They ate berries, nuts, fish, fowl or meat and vegetables that they foraged for. They did not have any obesity! Subcultures today who still live as our ancestors did have a lean body mass. Grains, dairy and soy products were only recently introduced into our diets and we do not do well with these food groups. Allergies to these foods compound the complications of eating these foods and creates many disease processes afflicting our western culture.

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