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Edward Eckert, MD, offers treatment options to strengthen bones to prevent the ongoing weakening effects of osteoporosis. Dr. Eckert has helped many patients in Deerfield Beach and the greater South Florida area, and the surrounding areas to get back to enjoying their day-to-day activities without the pain osteoporosis can bring. Visit Dr. Eckert and his qualified team at Hormone Health LLC.
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Osteoporosis Q & A

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that makes people’s bones porous and weak, and bones that grow fragile are more likely to break. Osteoporosis can develop without showing symptoms until eventually a bone fractures. These types of fractures are common in the hip, spine, ribs, and wrist. The best way to catch osteoporosis early enough to treat it effectively is through routine exams.

What causes osteoporosis?

Bones are made up of a living tissue that your body constantly breaks down and remodels. The process, bony resorption, allows new bone to grow simultaneously where the old bone used to be. Osteoporosis develops when the bone breaks down faster than it is replenished.

What are osteoporosis symptoms?

Osteopenia, which is low bone mass, can develop into osteoporosis without any symptoms. People with osteoporosis can feel sudden pain through simple everyday movements like bending over or picking up a bag. This pain is often the first symptom. When osteoporosis grows more aggressive, the vertebrae of the spine can collapse. If the vertebrae collapses, it can cause severe back pain, loss of height, or spinal deformities. If spinal vertebrae collapse in the upper back, it can lead to a curvature called a “dowager's hump.” Spinal fractures can cause permanent loss of height.

When does osteoporosis occur?

Osteoporosis can develop at any age. However, the older you are, the higher your risk of getting osteoporosis. This is due to the slowdown of the bony resorption process, typically after age 50. For women, bone loss develops the fastest within the first few years after menopause and continues gradually throughout the postmenopausal years. As bone density loss occurs, osteoporosis can develop.

What are the treatments for osteoporosis?

At Hormone-Health we have treated thousands of patients with bone loss attributed to osteoporosis with bio-identical HRT. We have essentially eliminated this disease process from our patient population. We have had ZERO fractures in all of patients due to bone loss. Because of our success, we have patients referred to us with the diagnosis of severe bone loss(t value >2.5).  We have seen reversal of this destructive process and the rebuilding of bone. For years we have been a proponent of Vitamin D3 to help this process. We have not recommended calcium supplementation unless there is documented calcium deficiency, seen for example in parathyroid diseases. We have not found the benefits of exercise as it relates to osteoporosis prevention. Progesterone, testosterone and DHEA have all been found helpful in eliminating this debilitating disease, however, this must be given in adequate amounts and need to be monitored by experts to have the best results.

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