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As we age, our bodies often reduce the production of essential properties to keep running effectively. Aiding your body with specific supplementation can enhance healing properties and keep it healthy throughout your remaining years. Serving the greater South Florida area, Dr. Edward Eckert and his team at Hormone Health LLC in Deerfield Beach, Florida, can prescribe the supplements you need to keep you healthy. They proudly offer Pure Encapsulations and Hazle Compounding products.
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Supplements Q & A

What do supplements do?

A healthful, balanced diet supplies your body with the nutrients it needs to carry out day-to-day tasks. However, sometimes your body is unable to absorb enough of the nutrients from food and will require outside supplementation to balance its system. Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytochemicals augment the body's internal setting to reinforce cellular protection, repair, and regeneration. This is especially true as we age and for those suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis or menopause. Dietary supplements come in a variety of forms including tablets, capsules, or powders.

What is Pure Encapsulations?

Pure Encapsulations is an advanced supplementation system dedicated to progressive research and clinical applications of dietary supplements for the benefit of health and wellness. Their current research focuses on the areas of metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, and cognitive health and more. Pure Encapsulations offers a wide selection of products manufactured with the highest quality of standards. Their products are free from unwanted additives and designed to support a comprehensive range of health functions.

What is Hazle Compounding?

Hazle Compounding specializes in compounding customized medications to meet an individual’s specific needs. They work in conjunction with patients and practitioners to solve medical problems through supplementation.

Hazle Compounding specializes in:

  • Pain management
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women
  • Dental compounding
  • Pediatric compounding
  • Podiatry compounding
  • Veterinary compounding
  • Anti-aging compounding
  • Dermatology compounding
  • Wound care compounding
  • Sports medicine compounding

Hazle Compounding employs a menopause educator on staff as well as a certified clinical nutritionist, each to consult patients on maintaining a healthy balance of nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations for their lifestyles.

To find out more on how Dr. Eckert and his staff at Hormone Health LLC can help you with supplementation, call or stop by the office today.

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